Professional team

Vimax Group has a team of over 100 skilled and compassionate professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

Research and Development

Our team of 18 years experienced pharmaceutical scientists and master herbalists ensures that our formulas contain only the best natural extracts with the correct dosages. Our impeccable track record is proof of their dedication to the work.

Customer Care Department

We understand how important it is for a customer to pick up their phone and have someone helpful on the other line. That is why we are here: to serve our millions of customers 24 hours per day via phone, chat, or Email.

Fulfillment Department

Our fulfillment departments are located in Michigan, Minnesota, and the EU. This allows us to ship your orders for less and have your products delivered faster then the competition. Rest assured that your product will be delivered in a discreet package without any identifying marks or labeling.

About Us

Quality assurance

Our dietary supplement contract manufacturers are authorized by Health Canada for natural health products manufacturing and packaging, they are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified and they are FDA approved for dietary supplements.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control managers help ensure your products are manufactured consistently and in compliance with governing regulations each and every time.


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